About That Deaf Girl

24 year old deaf computer tech and computer programmer. I grew up Hard of Hearing, in an oral upbringing. I didn’t get the chance to learn sign language until I was 17, then I went to college, and didn’t know any Deaf people… so I reverted back to my oral upbringing. In the last few years I have come to accept who I am, and understand I am Deaf, not dumb. I have adventures, ok… so they are only adventures to me, but I would rather look at my life as an adventure, a journey, than just another day in the park. The adventures, or the journey, are what makes life worth living, what makes it interesting, what makes you whole. This blog is about my life, when things come up… I will write, when things don’t… I may still write. I am me, and no one else. New readers are welcome, highly encouraged, even loved. I come as I am, not as who society and the world around me wants me to be… I will not change for anyone but myself.


if you would like to contact me, it can be done by emailing, deafadventures@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About That Deaf Girl

  1. @ThatDeafGirl: I am a book publicist and would like to submit a book for review on your blog. Please email me dchanwork@gmail.com for more info. Thank you! Best, Darlene Chan

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