Back to where I started (kinda)

When i started this blog in 2011, I didn’t see where it would go, what it would become. I didn’t see the people I would meet, the people who would read it, or the friends that would come from it. I only knew I needed to write again, I only knew that it would be about my life, my hopes, my triumphs, my fears, my highs and lows… And mostly about being deaf in a hearing world. Lately I have noticed it’s changed. Is become so much about my CIs and not enough about anything else.
For this reason, I’m going to start writing about all things deaf again, not just my CIs. Yes they will still play a part, but for the last year and a half they have consumed my blog… And  will  to change… So I don’t feel as if I’m loosing myself to my implants. Just a heads up to the people who read.


2 thoughts on “Back to where I started (kinda)

  1. I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to write about. Keep those words coming!

  2. Always looking forward to what you write about….missed reading all about your highs, lows, adventures…

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