Christmas 2013

My christmas was full of many ups, and just a couple downs. I had a great time with my amazing fiancé and her family. We opened a few presents at home, then headed for some fun at her parents house. So many people feel as if this season is all about the gifts that are received, but I have come to feel it is much more about relationships and time spent together. While spending time together as a family is nothing rare with these guys, its great to be able to do it on a day such as Christmas. And while we did exchange gifts, they were mostly home made, and were more than just possessions, they were gifts of each other.


We arrived at her parents house around 10:30 sat and chatted, made a beaded christmas tree (so they now have one for each of the girls) and I did a little bit of work that was needed for the office.  We didn’t have an actual meal, snacks were out, but it was mostly spending time together. My SIL and her family (including the most adorable almost 2 year old) arrived and the baby took a nap. More of the same continued. We opened presents, and gave little pieces of ourselves to each other. Laughed and smiled, giggled over the silly gifts, cried over the ones that touched our hearts (ok… maybe that was just me). My SIL didn’t seem to be feeling well, but she was still having fun. The last gift that was given was a calendar, full of pictures of my SIL, her husband and the beautiful baby… with one surprise… a due date. The reason for her feeling icky, a new baby was on the way!  I cant wait to meet this little bundle of joy in August, and I know that once again, they will make fantastic parents.


Later that night, I started feeling ill, so I took a little nap as they watched a movie without captions (we couldn’t get them to turn on sadly). A little while later, my love came up to me asking for us to go home, she wasn’t feeling well either… we must have caught something the night before at her aunts house. By the time we got home… we were sick… and not just feeling icky sick, but SICK. Sicker than I have been in quite a while, and we both had to work the next day… which was no fun for either of us.


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