Some updates…

So here are some new updates… not all of them good fare warning.

Update 1.
I am still with the job I’ve had for just over 5 years, and I’m really enjoying it still… BUT I’m now doing onsite tech work. So instead of being in a store front location, I’m working on-site, and right now I’m working a help desk. Its been fun, a learning experience and some personal growth.

Update 2
I just passed 3 months living in Arizona, and I’m still loving it. We go kyaking, and hang out with family. We’ve spent time with family game nights, we have just had a blast! The weather is beautiful! About 85-90, who would have thought that Arizona could have weather like this!

Update 3
My left cochlear implant… well… its stupid. It makes me mad, it isn’t working. I’ve been dealing with little odd issues since the beginning, but… those little issues have progressed into big issues. How? Well… most of the time when I put it on… it sounds like static in my ear. It doesn’t matter if I have the black or the white processor on, it still does it. I’m fairly certain it is a failure of my implant… but I will be pleasantly surprised if it is not. (I will make this a full blog of its own… but just a short little snip in this short update blog)

Update 4
Seeing my mom! I’ve been seeing my mom much more often than before… for the very simple reason… we are much closer!! She only lives about 6 hours away now, so this makes it so we should be able to be around each other much more.

Update 5

IIH… well… its still there (wishing it would have disappeared over night… but it hasn’t). Granted, it is much more stable than it has been… but I still get those feelings I described before… I also haven’t been able to find a neurologist yet, I know I need to… but with all the changes and issues I’ve had… it hasn’t been possible.


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