More implant decoration!

2013-05-04 22.04.10 2013-05-04 22.05.16 2013-05-04 22.06.07 2013-05-04 22.06.27 2013-05-04 22.07.07 2013-05-04 22.07.57 2013-05-04 22.09.04 2013-05-04 22.09.53 2013-05-04 22.10.17 2013-05-04 22.10.41 2013-05-04 22.10.49 2013-05-04 22.12.04


7 thoughts on “More implant decoration!

  1. These are amazing! :O Any tips on how I can make some for my CI friends and some for my hearing aids? 😀 They’re rad!

    • Very Easy. Find a small magnet from the craft store, use Cool Temp hot Glue, and then find something you like to put on the implant… tada… done. (after you let it dry for about 40 sec).

      • Cool! 🙂 How should I do the processors and my hearing aids? Did you use regular paint or some sort of stick on?

      • It wasn’t paint (you really don’t want to paint them, but I used skin-its. If you get them large enough (depending on the size of your HA will depend on what CI model you will use for the actual design) you can cut them to fit your HA’s. As for your friends with CI’s, most “new” CI’s will have skin it designs… unless they are med-el… haven’t seen any for med-el.

      • Cool beans 🙂

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