back to square one?

Back to square one?

So… I had my spinal tap yesterday, and let me just say… Huston, I think we have found a new form of torture… Let me start with that…

So… when I originally made my appointment, It was for 8:15, by the time it came time for the appointment, I had to check in at 7:30. I was told I had to be there for 4 hours, although the actual spinal tap would only take 15 minutes in the room. I got there after driving 30 minutes to the hospital… When I got there I had to check in with reception, well… there was no interpreter there. I am not a happy person when I do not have an interpreter… if you don’t believe me, look at my first CI surgery. I kept reminding myself that it would take some time before I was done checking in, and the interpreter had to be there by then… right? I’m thankful for my CI’s for the admission piece, as well as my amazing Love who helped me understand what was being said. I finish checking in, and signing the patient bill of rights, (which clearly stated that I was allowed an interpreter!) and the woman who was doing my admissions was going to call the agency to ensure that I actually had an interpreter who was coming. Right before she called, she looked behind me and there was a lady standing there, she was asked if she was waiting to check in (you have to sign a paper), and she said no she is an interpreter, and that made me happy.

After check in, we waited to be called back, and… I went from no interpreters to two! A guy showed up, said he was an interpreter (he saw us signing I believe, my love, myself and my interpreter) here for me… apparently there was a little miscommunication. Neither of them were upset, my partner asked what would happen in this situation, and they both answered one of them would leave, but they would still get paid. Well, then someone came out and said something about needing a hospital interpreter… so it seemed as if I would end up having 3… well, that was a miscommunication too… they wanted to talk about letting one of the interpreters go home… so I had one, and she was very nice.

They got me in the back, and made my Love stay out while they get the IV in, I think the reason for that was because one of the questions they asked me was “do you feel safe in your home, are you being abused” and they don’t expect an answer that is honest with another member of your family there. Well, I finally asked if she could come see me, they said yes. I waited another 10 minutes, and she wasn’t there… they were supposed to get her already, but the nurse got distracted. I refused to be brought back into the room until I was able to see my love, because I needed to see her. I was brought back into the room, and… there was construction… loud noisy construction, in a room where they see patients… with lights flickering, and everything… it was scary. So… being me, I decided… I’ll just take my implants off! This solved that issue… but why in the world would they have construction in a room where they will be seeing patients?

Well, as soon as I got back into the room, I had to pee like none other, again and again and again… literally, I went to the bathroom 5 times from the time I got into the room where they actually do the spinal tap. Well… the doctor came in, and started explaining to me what was going to happen, she was going to numb my back, which was going to be the worst part of the whole procedure… and yes… it sucked but it was not the worst part of the procedure… that had to be between her hitting my bone, and me feeling it, or when the local was starting to wear off, so I could feel her putting the needle into my back. After many, I mean like 4 or 5 attempts, she was finally able to get spinal fluid.

She was confused though, because my doctor believed I had IIH (Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension) or too much pressure due to excess spinal fluid, and my spinal pressure was low. I’m not sure what this is going to mean about my diagnosis… but I’m frustrated, back to square one and had to lay down all yesterday, flat except to go to the bathroom and to eat… We will see what the doctor says tomorrow when I call, because they are closed on today…


2 thoughts on “back to square one?

  1. Yikes! My boyfriend has MS (the doctors are about 90% sure that’s what it is since his mother has it as well) but he’s refused to get a spinal tap to make 100% sure cause he knows how much they hurt. 😮

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