So… I’m now having issues with my eyes… and I apologize right now for any spelling issues, I’m typing on my phone with dialated eyes… so I am seeing a bit double and reading what I’ve written is hard. I’m having black spots and they have increased in number I’m also having some weird red bubble on my left eye. Went to the eye doctor today… and I need new glasses and to actually use my glasses… but it was kinda scary when she said she needed to send me to a medical eye doctor right away…
Now because of this short notice… this also means I have no interpreter… so here is to hoping I can understand… I’ll update when I get a chance. I’ve been super busy… did you know eye dilation is a pain? Because it is.



4 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Sorry to read this. We hope everything is O.K; fingers crossed!

    Keep smiling!

  2. I know I’m seeing this late, so I know everything that happened, but I just have to say…..
    I think you look really cute in those glasses. I have the old Ray Ban style sun glasses (prescription transition bifocals), they are big and I just love them. After seeing this, I think you would look pretty smoking in a pair of Ray Bans! : )

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