how long does it take?

So I moved into a new apartment in August… I love the apartment, I hate the maintenance. I signed papers, and told them the accommodations I would need, such as a flashing smoke detector and a flashing doorbell, they said no problem. Well, a month after we moved in, it was finally complete.

Then we started having issues with our dishwasher… and it took 9 work orders and a strongly worded and very angry me to get them to finally fix it… or rather, replace it. They had been saying it was fine, they would put a few pieces of silverware in it… and say everything was fine…

2013-01-29 16.42.28

Now… our water does this frustrating thing, where it is perfectly normal, then blistering hot, then freezing cold, then blistering hot again… and this happened Sunday, and I accidentally took the shower head off… while trying to protect myself. We called them on Sunday, knowing it wouldn’t get done on Sunday, but thinking, Monday it would be fixed… it takes less than 15 minutes to replace the shower head. Well… what has happened? it is still not fixed. I went in, and politely told them I would like to be able to shower, at 4:50 PM, they told me it would be done within 30 minutes… it is now 5:37… almost an hour later, and its not done… I’m giving it until 6, then I’m calling, and I don’t know if I can be very nice…

how long does it take to get things fixed at your apartment?


2 thoughts on “how long does it take?

  1. When I lived in rental units it could take seemingly forever to get things taken care of – or they could run over in a few minutes. It depends on how many maintenance guys they have and how critical a need is. If there is a gas leak in the building next door your shower head change is unimportant in the larger picture.

  2. In all but the last rental place I ever lived in, management was as slow and dumb as you described. Your post brought back dishwasher memories. I identified the problem immediately: faulty gasket. Guess what they insisted the solution was, more than once? I should switch to Cascade. Imagine THAT conversation:

    “Hello. My dishwasher is leaking.”

    “Try Cascade.”

    Yeah. Let’s transpose that, just for fun.

    “Hello. The light switch doesn’t work.”
    “Try a G&E light bulb.”

    “Hello. The toilet won’t flush.”
    “Oh, you need to use Charmin.”

    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. My apartment is broken. Prepare to die.”
    “Your rent is due.”

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