An adventure I never want to repeat… the City Bus

Ok… so my bus adventure started off nice and relaxing, got to my second bus stop fine, and we made no stops until we all had to get off, so I knew it was my stop. I boarded the free mall shuttle that would take me to the light rail, got to the light rail all was still fine. I was a bit cold, but I was fine, and feeling more relaxed, I knew the light rail, I had taken it before, and it was something I felt comfortable riding. I have mentioned to my partner if the light rail went up to work, I would take it every day… but sadly it doesn’t. I got off at my stop, and this is when… things started to take a turn for the worse.


Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 3.46.35 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 3.46.46 PMIt was cold, very, very cold, about 11 outside… I was suppose to have an 8 minute wait for my next bus, but the bus was late, and I had a 15 minute wait. This was ok… I was very cold, and the bus driver wasn’t that nice… I told him where I needed off because this was my first time on the bus (I include the whole trip as my first, and hopefully only experience with the City Bus). He said he would tell me my stop, I sat near the front, and heard him say, you there, this one. I asked me? He looked at me like I was stupid and said, yes, you. I got off, he drove away… then I realized, wrong stop.  The bus was already gone… the next one was in 30 minutes… my phone was dead. I decided… ok, I will walk to the next stop. By the time I got to my next stop, I saw the bus leaving the stop… Ok… I’ll just walk, try to find  phone to use to call my SO so she can come pick me up. Every place I walked into told me no, I couldn’t use their phone… so I walked… walked and walked. I was close to home, couldn’t feel my legs, couldn’t feel my behind, and couldn’t feel my hands. I got to the subway near my house, and tried to use their phone… but it was having issues… so I walked the remaining ¾ of a mile home… in total, I walked 2.1 miles, in 11 degree temperatures…

I got home, and my legs were totally red, I’m sure the only reason I didn’t get frost bite was because I was walking, and my blood was circulating faster than average. It was awful… horrible, and this is something I NEVER want to experience again…


One thought on “An adventure I never want to repeat… the City Bus

  1. My husband is ‘lucky’ enough that he can ride the Metrolift (which comes straight to the door), but he has also ridden the bus and had similar experiences and frankly, I worry about him being dropped off at the wrong place all the time, because he cannot see well enough to be able to navigate himself to the right place (like you did). I told him to look at it like an adventure — these things DO happen to perfectly abled people all the time — and not like something that happened to him just because he’s disabled. It’s very very hard to stop thinking “This is happening to me because I’m (fill in the blank)” unless you look at it, like your blog says, as an adventure. “What happened today, honey?” — “I slayed the trollawyer at the office of Red Tape on campus!”

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