5 days and things are improving

so this adventure of a 2nd CI is progressing faster than the last one. This could have to do with a few things, 1. My brain already knows what it is like to hear with a CI, the same brand, the same model of implant and the same processor. 2. my left ear was and always has been, until my first CI got turned on, my dominant ear, I remember hearing more from that ear than from the right. I’m still hearing beeps and chirps, but I’m also starting to hear my good friend the robot. Its not clear yet… not even close, but its there. I can hear voices from the left (when my right is off, right is currently VERY dominant) I just don’t know what they are saying.

My audi told me I don’t HAVE to isolate the left one right now, that I can wait until the stress of the holidays is over… but I’m trying to… just not when people are talking.

I’m finding that after 5 days, although I still don’t really like the sound coming from the left, if I only have my right on, things are quiet, my brain has already gotten use to the loud that comes from hearing from both sides. Speaking of volume, I’m very happy that my audi is getting me back in sooner than the normal 2 weeks, it will be 2 days shy of 2 weeks, but I think it will be important. I’m a volume and power junkie… this I know… this she knows… so in some ways it surprises me, but in other ways, I expect it… I’m ready for more volume soon. Its been 5 days, and I’m already on program 3. I have 4 programs on each processor. On my right one, the first 2 are every day programs, with program 1 being my older MAP and program 2 being my most recent MAP. Program 3 is a music program and program 4 is noise (trying this again set by my audi, as opposed to the focus program, neither have really helped me any). On the left I have 3 every day programs, each with increasing volume and a noise program.

2012-12-26 14.28.34Getting to program 3 on the left side wasn’t as easy as it should have been… why you might ask? Because my remote is giving me… issues. The remote itself is fine… it just switching programs that is being an issue. i can get into programs 1,2, and 4 fine… but 3… for some reason its greyed out when both processors are paired. When just the left is paired, its fine, its happy, it shows 1-3 everyday and 4 noise… when just the right is paired, again, fine, happy, 1-2 every day, 3 music, 4 noise… but both… with both it shows me 3 as being grey… and has a hard time switching to it. it also confuses me with trying to control one side or the other… and not both. Which I have to do this regularly throughout the day right now… because I am bumping up my volume on the left side slowly. When both sides are being controlled, both are suppose to be colored (like the right side is in the picture to the right), when I’m controlling only one side, only the one side is colored. So… when I look at this, as it is, I assume I am only controlling the right side, but its actually doing BOTH… the only thing I can think of as to why is the different programs in slot 3, one being an every day, and one being music… but Cochlear couldn’t give me an answer… and referred me to the user manual (as if I hadn’t already checked that when I got on chat with them). I’ve emailed my audiologist, and I’m waiting to hear back from her…

but… like I was saying, I’m happy I am going in to see her before 2 weeks, because I know I will need more volume before then, as I’m already on program 3 after just 5 days. I can’t say the left is helping me any with speech, although my brain is starting to turn the left off, or at least down a lot, when the right is on (this is why I am trying to isolate the left) I know the left won’t get better unless I force it to, unless I teach it. Sound with this one, when its alone, voices seem distant and beepy, while everything else sounds loud… and still beepy.I can hear my keys on the keyboard clicking away… and those sound there, and semi close… but if someone talks… the little I can hear sounds so far away, so distant. Hopefully a new MAP in 7 days will change this.


2 thoughts on “5 days and things are improving

  1. A geek requesting technical assistance because it doesn’t make sense. That poor company won’t know what hit them. LOL. But truth be told, they will be better in the long run for it. You go girl!

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