24 hours on…

so… my 2nd CI has been on for just about 24 hours (obviously I slept last night, and it wasn’t on at that time… but its been almost a full day with it. and the one thing I can say… I have been able to turn the volume up just a little bit. I’m now at volume 5… still program 1. I’m still not… thrilled with it, but friends of mine are assuring me it will get better.

here are my thoughts for the day…

1. I think my processors aren’t quite on the same spot in my head. (this is fine… just something I have noticed.)



Photo on 12-22-12 at 10.22 AM

right CI (older)

Photo on 12-22-12 at 10.21 AM

left CI (new one)











2. the sound of the windows being cleaned is awful… mostly in my new CI, but it doesn’t feel that great on the older side either.

3. I used my angel sound program for a little bit yesterday… and I’m doing better with the pure tone discrimination than with the right ear at this point. (going to play with it more a little later and post the results).

4. I forgot how tired the CI made me… I’m so sleepy.

5. I’m going to Christmas with my sisters, father, step mother and grandma tomorrow (and 5 kids…) I think my volume will need to be down on the left side for that… I love my nieces and nephew, but they sure can be loud.

6. the left side is still interfering with the speech comprehension of the right… hope this ends soon

7. I listened to my Harry Potter Therapy (Harry Potter Audiobooks) on my way to work today… and took the right side off for just a second… and all I really heard were dings… with a few words thrown in here and there that weren’t really understandable… hopefully this fixes itself too… because even with this, using the bilateral audio cable… the left was still interfering with the right.


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