active x2, and… icky

funny looking MAP

funny looking MAP

Ok, so I had my 2nd activation today… and… honestly… it sounds WRONG. when we were testing, it was a lot of… confusion. first couple electrodes tested… fine. then… at 16 and 17… I heard something WAY too low. not just felt it, but heard it. so we were confused that maybe my MAP would look really off… it does look funny, but it should balance out.

when she turned it on… I almost cried. why? because it was so wonderful? NO… because it was absolutely AWFUL. Like hard core style… beep beep high beep, thats IT. she was talking and telling me a story, (with my right one on thankfully) and things started to get a little… not better, but easier. Then she started to turn up the “ceiling” and that made it easier and better, still icky, but better. we did some testing, and if given context, I can understand some of the time… one funny thing though… when she was telling me holidays, I got Christmas… took some time with Halloween and New Years Day… but then… I swore I heard belly dancers day… but it was valentines day. She gave me more room this time to grow, because i am a power hungry person… but last time I left the office on program 1 volume 10, this time… when I got to where I could hear cars, I had to immediately turn the left (new side) down to volume 4… it can only get better right? Well… I will post what I got in my kit later today… going to… try to watch TV… maybe that will help it.


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