Adventures in… driving to work

ok… so I live in Denver, work in Boulder, which is about 40 miles each way… on a good day in the morning, it takes me an hour and a half to get to work. So when we were predicted to have 3-8 inches of snow last night, I knew I was going to have to leave earlier than normal to get there on time… not a big deal, wake up a little earlier, and all is good right? WRONG… this is my tale of adventures this morning… driving to work.

I really was moving at this point

I really was moving at this point

So I left the house early, because I didn’t want to be late. I got up, got dressed, cleaned the snow off the car (at this point there wasn’t really A LOT). Warmed up the car, and started my drive. All was normal until I got onto I25, which is my only way to work… the traffic was crawling… I looked at my speedometer, and it wasn’t even registering I was moving… but I was…

I figured, ok… I can take this… hopefully it won’t last long… that apparently was the wrong thing to think. after an hour and a half of this… I wasn’t even 15 miles from where I had started… and there was no way of getting around it… it was at that point I realized… I should have left at 5 AM to get to work on time.

the adventure really wouldn’t be worthy of the title adventure with just slow driving in snowy conditions now would it? nor would it be worthy of a blog post… so let me continue…

Traffic finally started to pick up a little, I exited onto my next highway, just over 15 miles from my home… a little over 2 hours later… (which is less than an average of 7 miles an hour just an fyi)… and 6 accidents seen later… and i began to think… ok maybe I won’t be late… or at least no more than 5 to 10 minutes late… I can deal with that. Again… this must have been the wrong thing to think… because it started snowing more. I turned on my windshield wipers again, and noticed a huge chunk of the drivers side windshield wasn’t getting clear, the

umm... yes... this will totally work to let me see right?

umm… yes… this will totally work to let me see right?

right side of that blade had turned up. I moved into the right hand lane, knowing I would need to exit soon to fix this so I could see properly. I was about 1/4 mile from the next exit, where there is quite a bit of construction on both sides of the road (forshaddowing… this means… no shoulder to pull over on). Some wet snow hit my windshield blocking my view even more… I could barely see out… at this point… I figured, a little visibility is better than none right? so I turned on my windshield wipers again… and soon learned this was a BAD idea… this is what happened… (see picture to the right)

the wiper almost fell off the car! it was turned upside down… oh great… so now I can barely see at all… thankfully I was able to pull off at the exit, and pull into a parking lot with much more ease than I had expected… fought with the wiper for a good 15 minutes before it would click back into place (this is a reminder that in places where there is snow, you need to have good winter wipers)… so I got back on the road, and all was good… slow… until…

sadly… she is driving better than the lady I saw…

I am almost to work… maybe 3 miles, going slow because I don’t trust other drivers, leaving a good distance between the pickup in front of me and myself… and I am thanking my lucky stars I grew up in snow and know how to drive in it… well… back to my story. I have seen this pickup try to fish tail a few times… so I knew the driver was not to be trusted with even a little bit of leeway… not even enough to try and get around them. The places where they fishtailed weren’t really even very icy… seemed more like driver error to me than anything else. well, I was almost to work, I could see the end was FINALLY in sight… when I see the back of the pickup swing to the right (I start to SLOWLY put my breaks on so I don’t follow in their footsteps), swing to the left, swing to the right and turn ALL the way around, turned the wrong way on the highway… and in both lanes… I get a good look at the driver… while I slow my heart down, and know I am fine… I see she is not only talking on the phone with one hand, but also putting makeup on with the other… and driving in the snow, where she had already tried to fishtail a few times… WITH HER KNEES… This ladies and gentlemen, is why Deaf drivers are better than hearing drivers (at least when in the car alone)… we aren’t distracted by the radio, by having a phone conversation, we pay attention to what we are doing, and what other drivers are doing…

I am able to avoid the lady who will henceforth be known as frustrating, scary and idiotic… and thankfully, the rest of my adventure to work was fine and uneventful… but after 3.5 hours of driving in the slowest traffic ever, with stupid people who should have their licenses revoked (sadly I didn’t think to get the license plate number of Frustrating, scary and idiotic, although thankfully no accident was caused) makes me wonder… how long would the bus take? When will the light rail to Boulder be finished (or even started) because… maybe… just maybe that is a better (or at least less frustrating) rout to take?

A tale worthy of an adventure? I think yes… next (hopefully) big adventure? End of the world due to that Deaf girl’s activation? Only Friday Dec 21, 2012 will tell!


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