5 days post surgery

so 5 days ago I was waking up from my second surgery in a year… I was in recovery, most likely vomiting a little.

well, today I am back at work, I’m not sure how long I will be able to stay today… but I am here, and that is a step. I’m doing fairly well… the only big issue I’ve come across… is a stupid, frustrating cold. With the inability to blow my nose for a few weeks… this cold is seriously kicking my butt. I’m sitting with a pile of tissues next to me, because I can’t actually blow my nose… they are getting stuck up my nose… which means my nose is complaining… enough about buggers though…

Pain wise, I’m doing really well. No longer taking pain meds (the vicodin I was given) but taking ibuprofen and tylenol. my head is itching… but as long as it stays covered in “goo” its ok. Healing wise, it looks about the same as last time, but he did shave noticeably less hair this time!

5 days compair


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