penguins for my Processors

start with a felt cutout of a penguin

start with a felt cutout of a penguin

so… similar to my Halloween fun, I made some christmas fun. And seeing how I will be activated in less than a week, I made one for each side. I have Penguins for my processors! here is how they were made.


So I cut out the shadow of a Penguin, then cut out the inside white area.

add the white inside

add the white inside

After that, you still haven’t stitched anything to it yet, so you then cut out the scarf. Remember all of this is done in felt, so they easily stick together while in the process of combining them.

add a scarf

add a scarf


2012-12-14 18.39.482012-12-14 18.56.08Then, you use thread, sequins, and a bead in the middle to attach the scarf. I used a white sequin, and then a clear bead, once the thread was around the bead, I went through the same almost area I went through to start with.

Add a bead nose and bead eyes, and the penguin itself is done. I added white sequin behind a black bead for the eye.  I added a hat, and magically, a second penguin!

2012-12-14 21.15.58

2012-12-15 11.42.15

finished product on my head!

I then created a pouch, which can double as a finger puppet!!! (the directions for what I call the coil pouch can be found here at my Halloween Fun Post)

finger puppet?

finger puppet?


One thought on “penguins for my Processors

  1. Those are so cute!

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