crazy coincidence or more discrimination

On November 5th I posted about blatant discrimination I received from a credit card company, Capital one, you can read about it here. Well… today I was in for 2 more shockers. The first one was a good shock. I found that after I contacted their social media department through both Facebook and Twitter, being asked to email them my Name and zip code, they paid my card off for me. The payment I had made that day (so my payment would not be late) was posted 2 days later, leaving me with a current credit (meaning they owe me money) of $84.47. This I appreciate, it at first made me think they they were finally starting to learn their lesson, and that I would be ok with doing business with them in the future. No one from Capital one had contacted me letting me know they paid my card off for me, in fact, after I contacted their social media department, I had not contacted them, or had even heard from them until today.

So I realized, with my card paid off, and a credit of $84.47, I really needed that new card, so I could get to a $0 balance. So I called, intending to get them to send me a new card, and be sure they did not put a fraud alert on my card again because… I’m still using relay, which is why they had stated they put the fraud alert on my account in the first place. So the first time I placed the call, a man named John hung up on me after my relay operator explained relay and told him my name, which he had requested. So I had to have her start again, she called, navigated to a live person, who’s name is Jason, and he did not hang up on me. He took my information, and then gave me the next shock… this one… was not so… pleasant. Capital One said I called and cancelled my card on November 13th. Even though I had NO contact with them somehow… somehow they claimed I had contacted them to cancel my card.

Please tell me if you think I am over reacting, or if my conclusions are wrong, but I am fairly sure THEY cancelled my card because I called them out on their discrimination, and contacted them the only way they would respond, via social media. After explaining all of this to Jason, he told me he would look into the situation, and put me on hold… I’m not 100% sure what happened, but I somehow I was disconnected AGAIN. I made a quick copy of the conversation for my records, (they are recording the call, legally, my state only requires one person to be notified the call is being recorded… but they notified me, so figured, they have a copy of the call, I have a copy of the call (this is the only reason IP relay is used to call doctors offices [they tell me a terp will be there, I have a record of it] and used to call credit card companies or banks).  After copying the call to a word doc, I start again… for the 3rd time. This time I spoke to Alex, explained the situation as this “name is ********, and I was just talking with Jason, but somehow we got disconnected. He was looking into why my account got cancelled, and why it says I cancelled it, although I didn’t. My account states i cancelled it on the 13th of November, when the last contact, prior to today I have had with Capital one Was on November 5th, when I made a complaint about discrimination via your social media site. and now… somehow, 8 days later, my card was cancelled? can you help me look into this? ” looked into it, and after speaking with his supervisors I expect, he stated that Capital One does recognize they cancelled the card out of mistake, and would be making a decision within 1 to 2 business days as to if they will be reactivating my account, for something that was not my fault, that I’m fairly certain was further discrimination. Not only that, but they will be mailing me a response for their reasoning if they do not reactivate my account. I asked if I would be receiving a refund for the $84.47 my account is currently paid over, he said yes. I asked if they decide to reactivate my account, will be be receiving a new card, he said yes. I informed him of my fears, and my thought that this couldn’t be a mere coincidence, but that it was further discrimination, saying “I am still starting to think the reason your company closed the account was because of the notification of discrimination I sent to you on the 5th of November… its a little… coincidental that 8 days later the account would be closed don’t you think?” his response “absolutely not we would not closed out your account because of a comment you made online ” Although it is a good response, I wish I could trust it… with the history of the blatant discrimination by Capital One I have faced… I can not truthfully take his word as honesty. He may well believe the statement he said, but I am unable to take it with anything more than a grain of salt.

What do you think? What are your thoughts? Am I over reacting? or… am I not taking enough action? is there something to this that needs to be further investigated? Should I contact an agency for some help? what should I do? Should I wait it out, and see what their decision is before deciding an appropriate course of action?



2 thoughts on “crazy coincidence or more discrimination

  1. I do not think you are overreacting. I was once told that “if you feel like you are being discriminated against then you probably are!” You have documented the events very well, I sent you a message on FB about how you can get affordable legal council and representation. Which I feel you should look into, #1 because the more we Deaf and HOH let them get away with these kinds of things the more innocent people get hurt, frustrated, and taken advantage of. Please Ash Take a stand otherwise what good is it to have The ADA, really? It’s like insurance, if you have it and don’t use it when something comes up you are waisting your money. Message me your contact #, VP or text and I will have Keith Wann give you a call and you can have a complete attorney firm available to you, The Firm in Colorado is Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison and Lewis, PC State: CO Toll Free Number: 800 820-3369
    Direct Number: 303 295-2942.
    I hope this helps. If you want to talk just message me on FB.

  2. I really agree with the person that posted information that she should seek legal council, there are way to many people and companies that think they can get away with discriminating against those that are Hard of Hearing like me and those that are deaf. I will eventually become deaf and I can only imagine what it will be like for me. I am a current college student and I see it all the time with the deaf students I work with. I see the hearing making fun and I always have to speak up because they are just ignorant about the deaf world and the culture. By all means seek legal help and take Capital One for everything!!

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