a very good example… words get garbled… people talk too fast… oh… it happens. Great explanation BettyHoven!


Imagine that you are an English speaker, and everyone in your family is an English speaker, and all of your friends speak English too.

Then one day you wake up and you can only understand Hindi.  No one else in your family or group of friends knows any Hindi.  But you’re in luck:  When people speak English, the words they say are translated and written across their foreheads in Hindi.  All you have to do is read people’s foreheads, and you can understand them!  Of course, sometimes, bits and pieces of words – or even whole sentences – are lost in translation.  Also, you sometimes don’t look at people’s foreheads fast enough to catch everything they’ve said.  But most of the time, you can get by in the English-speaking world.

Now imagine you are sitting at a family dinner.  You haven’t seen your family for a while, so you’re looking…

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