November, Thanksgiving and thoughts

November is a month of many things, celebrations, snow falling, birthdays, thanksgiving. With thanksgiving being such a non-politically correct holiday, and by some being seen as a celebration of the death of the Native Americans who inhabited this land before the anglo-saxons did… I wanted to give my thoughts. Do I celebrate thanksgiving? what does it mean to me? What do I think of the battle, the bloodshed and the fear that happened, as well as the ideas of peace that happened?

I feel history is written by the winners, the people who won the battles. Does this mean history is an accurate portrayal of what actually happened? No, it does not.

I feel holidays are interpreted by the people who celebrate them, there is no one real meaning behind them, a person can put a swing on a holiday to suite their own beliefs. Do I celebrate Christmas as Jesus’s birth? No, Jesus was unlikely to be born in midwinter… and the church incorporated the Pagan Winter Solstice, along with the iconic tree that has become our christmas trees. Do I think of it as a day to celebrate our families? our friends? and to be blessed by the gifts of love and company? Yes. But I digress… Thanksgiving for me, is a time to be truly thankful for the things in your life, for the people in your life, and to honor that not everyone has the ability to be thankful for these things. Look at the recent tragedy of Hurricane Sandy… there are many people who are not able to say they are thankful for family to be safe and whole.

Shadow of the Owl

Although a terrible tragedy the bloodshed, the spread of disease that was caused by the anglo-saxons coming over, I feel it was inevitable, both parties feeling as though they owned the land, or had a rightful claim to the land… waging war against one another. What I feel is horrific, was what happened later, the forcing into reservations, the murder, flat out murder that happened on those trails. The devastation caused by the long journey, the lack of food, being moved from the land they had known, had grown up on, had cultivated, and had loved… to barron desolate wastelands…

So with his month, which is the month of Thanksgiving, the month I was born in, what I am going to do for Thanksgiving? I am going to be thankful I was born at the time I was, to my family, and that I have had so many opportunities I never could have dreamed of. I am going to keep a list, and post them at the end of the month… as to what I am thankful for. I am going to “Celebrate” Thanksgiving, by spending it with the ones I love, and reflecting on how lucky I am. I am lucky, I am alive, I am healthy, to live in a country where I am not denied every right based on what is in between my legs, where I am not stoned because of who I love… or thrown away as a child or not given the opportunity for education because of my Deafness, where I am more than free to use sign language… I am truly a very lucky person, and for that I am thankful.


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