insurance battles… and yet…

So… after fighting with insurance for months, being told they don’t have the information, being passed along the “its not my job” belt with insurance… I finally have an answer for my second CI surgery.

Now before I give you the results, I want to discuss my reasonings for wanting a second CI.


  1. The first CI is doing better than I ever hoped, I’m understanding much much more with this one than I have in memory with my HA’s
  2. studies have shown bilateral recipients hear better in noise
  3. music appreciation is suppose to be better
  4. localization of sound
  5. I’m an adult, and am able to make the decision for myself.

I know a CI would never make me “hearing”, but that isn’t what I want. I want to enable myself with all the tools that I can, for my future, and for my families. I will still be Deaf, I will always be Deaf, and I will always use and love ASL, but for someone who receives no benefits from Hearing Aids, and works with people all day, the CI is the best option for me, especially when combining them with the wonderful language that is my ASL. I am thankful my friends and family are willing, at least some of them, willing to learn ASL, so that I will never be without communication, without understanding.

but, after months of fighting with the bureaucracy that is insurance, with the many phone calls, many emails, of them saying they don’t have the paperwork, then finally, on the 18th they told me they had the paperwork, but then the 25th saying they had no record until I offered to show them proof I had been told the information was received, then saying they needed clinical information, then calling and being told it wasn’t there, then it was there… and finally being given a reference number as to my claim… after hours on ip-relay with them (this way I can keep a record of the conversation), occasionally being hung up on, given the tty number… and accused of not being who I am… finally I was able to get an answer, I was able to be told… on December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) I will be going back in for surgery.

left aid, Phonak Naida S UP

My left ear, which at this point is plugged up with a purple Phonak Naida S UP, which provides me now with only the ability to know if a loud sound was made, thanks to the vibration on mr ear drum, but who use to provide me with access inside the speech banana, will be retiring soon. In 40 days, 19 Hours and some change… she will be joining her friend in a box… waiting for the next user.

Am I excited, yes, I am not going to lie, the past 3 months with my CI have been great, I’ve gone from being 100% exhausted at the end of the day to only being kinda exhausted. I’ve gone from wanting to scream at people who don’t move their lips to occasionally being able to understand them. I’ve gone from being the hardest person to get the attention of, to turning around in circles for my name… It has made my life easier at home, easier at work. School is still the easiest for me, because I have my wonderful interpreters who make sure I don’t miss anything, who make sure I have complete access to language, to the lecture, and occasionally the films (when they don’t have captions). But… have I gone from Deaf to Hearing? No, not in any way shape or form. I am still Deaf, I am still deaf, but I can function as a hard of hearing person in the hearing world. I can function as a Deaf person in the Hearing world, I can function as a Deaf person in the Deaf world… I have it all. I can listen to music and still feel the beat, feel the vibration. I can walk into a room and not struggle to lipread 100% of what is being said without sound, I can hear the phone ring at work. I am blessed, and excited to take the next leg of my journey, of my adventure.

I know my hearing friends will be thrilled, and I know my Deaf friends will welcome me with open arms still. We all know this doesn’t change who I am, it just gives me another tool, to make this hearing world we live in… a little less frustrating. oh… did I mention… I am also suppose to be able to get Kaci the Kola too? My love had promised me that because I was sad I didn’t get him for the first surgery, I could have him this time? he can be seen and purchased here


2 thoughts on “insurance battles… and yet…

  1. Yay! I had a heck of a time with insurance the first time…finally my husband’s company HR person called and got an answer in 30 minutes. We represented one policy, she represented hundreds….I wonder if that made a difference…haha.
    Luckily, it all turned out, and I have my CI. I’m still hearing a bit with my hearing aid in the right ear, the two compliment each other well. I have a very hard time with just one or the other. So, I’m waiting on the second implant….I know my hearing in my right ear will most likely continue to deteriorate, it fluctuates a lot now, we are thinking probably sometime next year.

    I’m trying to learn ASL. Things have been so hectic lately, it has been difficult to keep up with my life. Losing my hearing so fast, I’ve been thrust in the deaf/HOH world with my head spinning.

    I’m so glad you are bilingual.

    • It can be a little disorienting at first, but once you find your way into the Deaf world… you will find you are home. How are you learning ASL? Are you taking classes or learning online? Do you have a Deaf resource area near you? Have you been to any Deaf events? They really help. and ASL classes are wonderful, but it really is the immersion that makes the difference, especially in receptive language!

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