so my CI area has been… itchy… its not the incision point, no… its, hard to explain the location. its at the bottom of the CI “bump” where the internal piece connects to the head… its on the top of the skin, so I doubt its an infection… but it just… itches. Its there all the time, sometimes its worse, sometimes its better. You would think, 3 months after surgery it would be better, but no… it itches like crazy.

The good news though, I’m 99% sure ALL the swelling is 100% gone now, and when I have my hair down, I don’t have to worry about the coil falling off my head anymore (at least not until the shaved hair grows back longer, I think that area is averaging about 2 inches long now! in 3 months!!). I have been gaging my swelling by how easily the coil falls off in situations like this, or how hard it is to get a solid connection. There was a time when I had to have part of my hair up, because it would take a lot of work to get the connection to “stick”. I would have to wiggle it around, put it under some hair, that sort of thing. Although when my hair is fluffy, I still have to put my hair up to get a good and solid connection… but mostly its fine now. I’m thinking I am going to have to find pictures of my hair before the first surgery, and be sure to take pictures of before the 2nd surgery… so I can see how much my hair has grown in the 5 months and 1 day between the surgeries. It will be frustrating odd interesting to have totally different lengths of hair. I wonder how much I’m going to have to cut it (as I did about a month after my last surgery, because it just didn’t look remotely ok).

I’m starting to wonder if he will shave more or less hair this second time, how the incisions will compair, how the sound will differ. Its taken a long time for insurance to even acknowledge that my surgeons office put in the request for the 2nd CI (They said they did it almost 2 months ago), but insurance told me on Thursday they had just gotten it the day before (the 17th). But, I should be able to call on the 25th and see if it was approved or not (I’m hoping for approved). If all goes well, on Thursday I will be able to report that there has been no current change in the surgery schedule. As of right now, I am the first scheduled, but I know if there are any kids, they will go before me. As of right now, surgery is on December 12th at 7:30 in the morning. if all goes well, in 53 days I will be waking up from surgery, seeing my family and being told this one went as well as the last one, maybe even better without the awful jaw pain… that would be nice.

sorry I got off topic of the itchy head… anyone else have the itchy head?


3 thoughts on “itchy

  1. Take some garlic pills for the natural antibiotics and try to use a moisturizing shampoo, or even one for psoriasis (not dandruff, not pyrithone zinc – or whatever that is, but one with selenium sulfide or some extra vitamin E and aloe and things that are extra good at retaining moisture). It’s probably itching because the weather is changing and your scalp has a fresh scar and you need to give it a little extra moisture preserving, like a conditioner that is a little heavier than normal. Fall and Winter are VERY drying on your skin, and that’s what your scalp is. You probably will need a special shampoo after your next surgery, because you will have the same problems on both sides with your scalp.

  2. yes, I have the itcy head around the CI “bump” especially at the bottom. I’ve talked to some people who have had their CI’s a long time and they say it’s normal. It’s just the body still getting used to this foreign object (so says my audiologist). I see my doc next week and thought I’d ask, but from what I’ve heard so far, it’s completely normal….and we both have it, so that makes me feel better since our surgeries were so close.

    I had a trouble with the coil staying on too, they had to put in another battery. Now it hurts a little because it’s too tight and I have to make sure and put some hair under it. I think my head is just getting used to the new pressure, but it it continues to hurt (it does not hurt bad just feels like I’m getting a headache in one spot) I’m going to see if there is an in between strength in magnets.

    Good luck on your second surgery. I may be getting a second one, but it will be next year sometime. Right now I’m doing pretty well with the CI and my BTE hearing aid. I can’t hear a lot out of that ear, but it complements the CI well.

    again good luck

  3. Tea Tree Oil? It’s highly effective to treat an area that may be itchy due to some irritant. Sometimes I use it on my skin if I break out. You may want to google first and check what’s considered safe, an how to use is, but I like the Tea Tree Oil for it’s natural antiseptic properties. Alternatively Oregano Oil.

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