Auditory Rehab, Angel Sound Style

So… I’m not doing any auditory Rehab with my audiologist… for a few reason. I’m doing it on my own.

I’ve been using a few different programs. The first one I used was “Sound and Way Beyond”  (SWB) from Cochlear Americas, who makes my CI. You use to be able to download a demo… but since they have switched to Angel Sound, the demo seems to have disappeared.

what SWB looks like can be found here

I have also used clix which is from Advanced Bionics (I think)

the newest, and so far, the best one I have found is Angel Sound… it has so many more features to it than either clix training or SWB. which looks very similar to SWB, but again, has more features. One of which I am downloading now and will update when I have tried it.

Look at the pictures here


One thing that I really like with Angel Sound, although I’m not sure how correct it is, they allow you to check to see your auditory thresholds, so the DB levels that you are hearing at. The one I did a few days ago looked like this.

I think Angel Sound is good for anyone who is interested in knowing where they stand with their speech comprehension, at least to get an idea of how they hear. There are advanced modules… but I’m scared to look at those right now… baby steps… when I become more advanced, I will do the more advanced modules… but I’m still a baby listener.


2 thoughts on “Auditory Rehab, Angel Sound Style

  1. though I have been following your posts anyway – I’d like to thank you for this one specifically for putting me on to the ‘Angel Sound’ – thanks.

  2. Didn’t know you could check the threshold levels and such. Huh, guess I need to explore my Angel Sounds even more. Wow!

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