its Crazy how fast time can go

This is more for me to keep track of things, but feel free to comment.

in 69 days (tentatively, pending insurance approval), I will be having surgery again, to go bilateral, for my left CI.

in 78 days (again, pending insurance and surgery), I will be having my left ear activated with another N5 Processor.

84 days ago, I had surgery on my right ear to have a CI implanted.

72 days ago I had my right ear activated.

38 days ago I could tell the difference between the words “ice cream cone” and “fish”, I got about 80% right on the SPONDEE test (the easy one, with 12 pictures on it and i picked the pictures)

This is a MUCH harder version of the test than I had… I had things like “Birthday cake” “ice cream cone” “baseball” “fish” “shoe” that sort of thing… where I was more matching syllables with specific sounds I could understand as what they were, like the “sh” sound, it was very harsh.

10 days ago, I was given a shock… On the word discrimination test, open set (meaning no pictures), I got 40 right…

Time moves fast, and it seems my progress is moving fast as well. I have more days behind me with my right CI surgery, than I will wait for from now from for the 2nd surgery. I am almost equal between waiting having had my right ear activated, and will be having my left ear activated.

I have 66 days of class left for the semester, and I have been in school for 45 days. In 109 days, spring semester starts again.

84 days ago, my audiograms all showed no response on any frequency… aided my left ear gave a little, in two or three frequencies I had response around 105 db (to give you an example, you can see different db levels here, but under 100 db it says Jet take-off (at 305 meters), use of outboard motor, power lawn mower, motorcycle, farm tractor, jackhammer, garbage truck. Boeing 707 or DC-8 aircraft at one nautical mile (6080 ft) before landing (106 dB); jet flyover at 1000 feet (103 dB); Bell J-2A helicopter at 100 ft (100 dB).) Apparently your ear drum is suppose to rupture at 150 db…

here is to counting days, waiting for insurance… hopefully I will know soon.


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