Who would take a bike?

Honestly… who would steel a bike? I locked my bike up at work, because I figured that with not having somewhere to lock it up at home, it would be safer at work. As well as I would most likely use it more at work.

It needed some work, I needed new tubes, needed to oil and/or replace the chain, and get my wheels trued… but when I went outside to go to fedex this morning… this is what I saw…

right where my bike was… it is now empty…

who would take a bike? who would take a bike that was kinda broken down? why would anyone but me want my bike? grrr… eventually I might have to get a new bike… but this… this just tells me that the world we live in… its awful, people doing what is right for them, instead of what is right for the rest of everyone else…


5 thoughts on “Who would take a bike?

  1. I’m so sorry this happened. Hopefully, the person who took it will feel guilty and return it unharmed….or perhaps in pristine condition.

  2. My girlfriend told me that when she just moved into the house we now live in (before I moved in), she left a pizza on the trunk of her car, almost literally just turned around, and it was gone.

    There’s no reason or logic to what people steal or why, I guess, although stealing a pizza makes WAY more sense to me than stealing a busted, old bike.

  3. The thing I hate most about theft, is it’s usually poor people stealing from other poor people. It’s always despicable, but especially despicable when you know someone might be using that bike to get to work and you just put their job in jeopardy. It’s not like they don’t know this. I hate thieves more than almost any other crime.

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