2 Month Update

So yesterday I had my 2 month MAPping, and I have some updates!!

update number one, I had many electrodes, once set properly, that were out of “voltage compliance”. They did something, that I’m not quite sure what it was, but I think it was something like upping the number of pulses per second, but I’m not 100% sure.

number 2, I have some weird issues with facial stim, so things aren’t quite where they are suppose to be, hopefully once I get done with my almost ear infection my primary care is trying to straighten out, the facial stim will go away.

Number 3, I also have some weird other issues with my CI, my impedance (or at least that is what it looks like) levels are a bit high, but that could be the almost ear infection as well. It was so… high, two of the electrodes (1 and 2) when they were doing the auto NRT (objective test for where audio levels should be) wouldn’t even recognize, even though I could clearly hear the stim.

Number 4, I had amazing tests done!!! (my response is between 15 and 30 db depending on the frequency). We also did sentence tests and word tests… and although the tests took forever, i got many more than I thought I would right. My word score (the harder one, due to not having context) was at 40%!!!!! This is a major improvement from 0% with 0% hope of getting anything pre-surgery and even from the 80% on the cards I had at 2 weeks. With the cards, I knew what words would be said, and there were only 12 of them… but the 40% is a HUGE improvement, especially for 2 months.

Number 5!! I have surgery scheduled (although we are still waiting for insurance to approve) for December 12, 2012 for my left side… its going so well that I can’t wait to have the second one too. The CI is helping at work, I can tell when someone is talking to me, and occasionally I can understand some of the words. It is also helping at home, when my sweet love doesn’t know how to sign something, she will say it, and normally I can get it.

It also has been helping quite a bit with my mom being here, I can understand some of what she says, and this is especially helpful because mom doesn’t really sign, she tries, but she can sign a few things and get a small point across, but her language is still very much English. so with the CI, it is really helping. I’m lipreading much better now, I could lipread well before, but it is much easier now… because there is actual sound.

Well here are some pictures from my moms visit, she is still here, but my time with her is mostly done. I skipped class yesterday to spend it with her, although after my very long audiology appointment I doubt I would have made it there on time anyways.

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