the pounding that never stops

for the past few days… there has been a pounding in my head… a pounding that NEVER stops, it follows my heart beat, it follows my breathing… and no matter if my CI is on or off, it is there. I think it is tinitus, but it isn’t the normal tinitus… my normal tinitus is a high pitched ringing, and it annoys the crap out of me… but this. This is different. This is a mid pitch, wooshing sound… this, it keeps me up at night, it keeps my brain working… and it never stops. I wish it stopped, but it hasn’t… its been going on for days, this is something I have never had in my life. I want it to stop… but it won’t.

Anyone have any hints or tips to get it to stop?


7 thoughts on “the pounding that never stops

  1. Yes, I’ve had this happen to me. It is your pulse that you feel in your head. I try to minimize stress, caffeine, and salt intake, drink a lot of water, and get plenty of rest. Sometimes being outside in the fresh air helps to clear my head of stress, too.

    Praying it gets better for you.

    Shanna /

  2. if there was a way to minimize stress… that would be WONDERFUL… but it isn’t quite possible… working quite a bit, and so much school.

  3. I’ve started meditating every night before bed. Just taking a few minutes to breathe, get grounded, centered, and actively relax my mind and body. I can’t do anything about the levels of stress going on in my daily life right now, but taking those few moments has helped a lot.

    I hope the pounding goes away for you soon, friend.

  4. check out the following site, they have the best info out there, caffeine, artificial sweetners & food colouring can also add to but don’t forget allergies, if you have hayfever or even a mild cold the pulsating sound can appear.
    I also listed a rare syndrome that can occur as well below the uk web site
    good luck!
    and thanks for such a great blog, I love reading about your journey into the CI world.

    Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
    Has a patient ever told you he can hear his eyeballs moving or his heart beating in his ear? Has anyone ever said his voice sounds too loud when he speaks? Has a patient ever reported dizziness with loud sounds, heavy lifting, or blowing his nose?
    These peculiar symptoms can be associated with an unusual condition of the inner ear called superior canal dehiscence (SCD) syndrome. Lloyd Minor, MD, in 1998 described a series of patients with vestibular and auditory symptoms caused by a defect or dehiscence of the bony covering of the superior semicircular canal. The superior canal is part of the inner ear, and is one of three pairs of balance organs that detect angular head acceleration.

  5. I have tinnitus too going on 5 years (wow!) yeah it can be bothersome. it drove me crazy at first then got used to it, ringing tends to go up when sick or stressed. alcohol, salt caffeine, and aspirin are the main stay aways for tinnitus, according to research and doctors.

    the pounding, i’m not sure of. haven’t experienced that.

    (oh i’m Deaf as well)

  6. Oh no! I hope that pounding stops soon! Do you think it’s related to your recent operation? Get well soon!

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