I wonder…

so I am starting to wonder… How many times have I accidentally set off my car horn? The reason I am thinking… is well… I was driving today… and heard a funny noise, I started looking around, and… realized… it was me. I set off my car horn, I was honking… accidentally, at who, I’m not quite sure… but I was honking. it sounded… off, like something i distantly remember…. but not.

I have an audi appointment on Monday, school is going well… and soon I will be posting my thoughts on Gerbils…


2 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. hahaha! OMG, I just posted on my Facebook (and was about to make a post) about my deaf friend and their car alarm. He’s always setting it off accidentally and has no idea as he walks away blithely. It’s one of the funniest things ever.

  2. Giggling at you. Meanwhile, I thought I *had* been honking my horn, but my friend pointed out the other day that me pushing the middle of the steering wheel does nothing. No sound. No wonder why no one was paying attention. 🙂

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