Where the Line is Drawn

So there is this concept, this image… of a line drawn in sand, and you really shouldn’t cross the line, or dangerous things can happen. I have a downfall… I don’t know where that line is… I can’t see it, especially not when it comes to dealing with hearing people… the line is invisible, or maybe… maybe its far behind me.

There is another concept, another image… of a filter between your words and what comes out of your hands or your mouth… this… I am also lacking at times. Both of these things can… get me in some trouble.


A recent example. I was in class… with a teacher I have two classes with, and he has gotten in this habit of picking on me, joking with me. I don’t mind, because I pick and joke back… but apparently sometimes I can go too far.


This may have happened in class… I’m not sure if my teacher was trying to tell me I had crossed the line, my interpreter wasn’t sure either… this teacher, I have a VERY hard time understanding when he is being serious and when he is joking… he is hard to read, his moustache covers quite a bit of his face… and I… I just don’t know.


Class started like normal, he knew I was there, its hard to miss me with my interpreters there as well. We started working on systems as normal, and he started lecturing. He made a mistake, and I politely explained what he did, he understood and thanked me. Near the end of class, he started picking on me, apparently told my interpreters not to interpret something (a big no no) but may have done it in a joking tone. I started joking back with him… and I’m not 100% sure what happened… he was trying to click on icons on a screen shot he had made, and I laughed, because it is silly and it is something I had done many times before… then he told me not to laugh at him… so I started telling him a story about being at work on April fools day when my co worker thought it would be really fun to remove all the icons on my screen and change my background to the screen shot he had taken of my computer… I’m not so sure what happened… he changed… I don’t see how I could have crossed a line, but he said I did. (again, I’m not sure if it was in a joking way or not, he is really hard to read). I emailed him after class to see if he actually thought I was crossing the line… but I haven’t gotten a reply yet… but maybe, I will stop joking at school, stop telling stories at school… I don’t want to be one of those people who just sits and does nothing, but that might end up being what will happen… we will see.


But this experience got me thinking… I don’t know where lines live, I don’t know where they are drawn… I never have, and if I haven’t learned by now, will I ever. Would a filter have helped me in that situation, should I have just said nothing? What should I have done?


4 thoughts on “Where the Line is Drawn

  1. Perhaps you can ask other students in the class whether they think you’ve crossed some line?

  2. It’s not a hearing or deaf thing. It can be different with different people. Granted, you are getting your info through someone else. But I’ve experienced this myself while hearing just fine. Perhaps he cannot tolerate embarrassment in his own class. Not sure, but I know it can happen regardless of hearing status.

  3. I don’t think you should worry about it. Sometimes I get mad at my husband for not ‘talking’ to me enough during the day. I tell him I feel conversation deprived. Sometimes he gets mad at me because when you are talking in IM, you don’t get tone and can take things meant to be joking or serious the wrong way. We have these problems all the time with a hearing/deaf relationship. It’s normal, it even happens between the deaf who just nod and then think about it later “Hey, did he just say/mean this???”

    It’s just life. There’s really nothing you can do about it. It’s too much energy to worry about it. Just move on.

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