So much…

Sorry its been way too long since my last post… but life has been very busy… to say the least. Quite a few things have happened… Here is a quick list.


  1. first actual MAPping
  2. second MAPping
  3. moving
  4. new coworker
  5. having to switch batteries
  6. school starting


So my first real MAPping happened… and that opened me up to quite a bit more sound. Before the MAPping process, I knew I was ready for more, I was straining to hear words (couldn’t understand them… but I could no longer hear them either). They turned up my volume quite a bit, and the program I used the majority of the time was my program 3, which was set to my needs in the office. My old program 3 was turned into program 1, and then program 2 was 20% quieter than program 3. They did this so that if when I got out of the quiet world of the office things were too loud for me… they weren’t. It was only first thing in the morning I used program 3, never returned to program 1. This was both a good and a bad thing. I still had 2 weeks before my next MAPping, but I felt comfortable on program 3. Then we did an audiogram… and I have to say… I have NEVER seen one of my audiograms look like that. We also did a closed set of words test. I was given a card with 12 pictures on it, and they would say random words on the card… I did much better than I expected. I got about 80% right the first time. I was mostly going off syllables, but I also was learning to go for the sounds I recognized… such as “sh” and “s”.


shows the differences between pre-surgery aided, non aided and now. All of the pre-surgerys were no responce… (thats what the downward arrow means) and the orange/red thing… that is where my average was after my first MAPping.

Then I had my second MAPping, and again, I was very ready for more sound… My loves mom came to visit, and I don’t know if she just talks really quiet or what, but I was completely lipreading her… I thought she wasn’t making any sound with her words… but my SO could hear and understand her. The last day of her moms visit was my second MAPping, and it took longer than they expected… because they didn’t think I would be needing as much sound as I was. Apparently I am a power hungry user… but the good news is there has been no facial stim. (where when sound comes in my facial nerves react, causing my face to twitch). They turned up the volume quite a bit. Again, my old program 3 was turned into program 1, and because it would be just about a month before I visit them again (My next appt is on Sept 24th) they set the one I was comfortable with as program 2 and raised my volume more than they normally would for program 3. Its been almost 2 weeks since my last MAPping (it was on Aug 27th) and I am now 100% on Program 3, even first thing in the morning. Although I am only at volume 1 first thing in the morning. Because I am a glutton for pain, and I wanted to be able to see the differences in my own volume, that first day I put on program 3 volume 10… which was a big mistake. This was something I really wasn’t ready for… it literally… hurt. When there was sound I had pain inside my cochleas… but now thankfully that doesn’t happen. Volume 10 is still too much for me, but volume 5 is great! I’m also starting to be able to understand things, sometimes, when I hear them. It really makes things easier if I have an idea about what is being said… it it is starting!


Another result of this MAPping, besides being late for class, but that is a different story, and switching from program 2 to program 3… I had to start using the Standard Batteries rather than the compact and lighter batteries. Now the standard, when I first got activated… was a bit too heavy for my ear, because I was still healing… but now I barely feel it is there. The compacts, last for a while… but this week, when I switched to program 3 all the time… it started dying before I was ready to charge it. I get up around 4:45 (hopefully) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I work early, then go to class… Well… Tuesday I had to switch to my backup processor because the battery died… right in the middle of class… so I kept my processor off for the last half of class. Then When class ended, I put the backup on… and I was hearing things again. With the second MAPping, we couldn’t do the testing that needed to be done… because I was already running late for class… so this next time, hopefully my actual Audi will be the one to set up my processor, and maybe there won’t be as many changes… that would be very nice.


battery size difference.

And on that topic… Classes Started the week before my second MAPping… I am taking 13 units and working full time. I have a Java Programming class, a C++ programming class, a Linux class and a history class. I have two of my favorite interpreters, one of whom is the interpreter coordinator. I’m loving school… but boy does that and work keep me busy. Last weekend we also moved… which was amazing, a huge adventure and I love the new place… but moving is hard, it takes time (which I’m already short on) and it takes $$$… The new place is so much bigger, has a washer and dryer, and is still on the first floor. We also have a patio, and a storage room (very small, but it works) and our own water heater. Its amazing the little things that make the difference for you. We hired movers… because of just having surgery and having a bed with a base that is over 300 lbs… we needed them. Our stuff didn’t fill up half of the truck…


so much space left.

the new place is cute, we also have a wood burning fire place


my adorable fireplace!!

the last big change in my life… I have a new coworker. For the most part, he is great… but he needs to learn more of the tech side of things… but he is learning quickly. He is great with the people, and good with the computers, and thankfully isn’t afraid of criticism or correction, he knows it will make him a better tech in the long run.


So there it is… my busy so called life. I have quite a bit of homework I need to do… all the time, but I’m enjoying my life. Now… if I could figure out where I put my remote for my CI, I am wanting a bit more volume right now… (I know the 3 places it could be… I need to remember to put it back in its case and keep that on me)…


2 thoughts on “So much…

  1. Great post and so nice watching you grow in your new hearing world. I have that remote with me at all times I have it attached to my purse. Otherwise knowing me I would have already lost it and I guess I am a remote junkie and like changing things as my enviorment changes. So yes find your remote and I am just to happy how far you have come and you have only just begun. Congratulations SharonC

    • I found the remote… right where i thought it would be. I like being able to change it too… hopefully my audi will have time to explain sensitivity for me (im too much a chicken to play with it right now)

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