What came in my Kit

Ok, so I got a HUGE suitcase from Cochlear. I took pictures of everything, but my camera was dying so some of the stuff didn’t actually get saved, I will add more pictures when I get home and have the chance to actually get the pictures to save. Every kit is a little different, some people only get one processor, some get a backup as well. Some get more stuff then others, some just get other stuff. A 10 year old girl got the N5 Processor as well, and she shows you in her vlog (not captioned)  here.

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One thought on “What came in my Kit

  1. I’m very excited about your Cochlear kit! I love your blog and would love to know what you think of talkto (http://talkto.com) – We are a service that lets you text any business and get a text response.

    It’s designed to work for everyone – nobody likes to call businesses – but we think it could be especially useful for the deaf community. Any chance you’d try it out – being as tech saavy as you are – and let us know what you think? Feel free to reach us on twitter @talkto, facebook facebook.com/talkto, or by email – hello@talkto.com

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