Tomorrows Plan

Ok… so I have a plan for tomorrow, who knows if it will stick to the plan, or if life will do what life does best and detour. So my plan is such…

wake up, clean my stitches one last time (1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water, I have been using 2 cap fulls of each, and it has worked out really well)

Go to the bank in the morning to deposit a check

have an early lunch with my love, maybe at home, maybe not.

Leave my home around 12:15 to get to my activation at 1 at Rocky Mountain Ear Center with Alison Biever, and according to this from her… I may be up for a disappointing day (going to do another blog today about my expectations for “A-day”).

There should be an interpreter there for me thankfully! Even if they just take a step back and let me do all the hard work, just knowing they are there if I can’t deal, makes me deal much better (if you need a reminder about how horrible I do without an interpreter, just look back at my hospital experience…  and then imagine it worse…) my wonderful partner will be there with me too, hopefully videoing the entire thing for me to edit and caption, maybe get some help with the words people are saying, but if all goes well, I will hopefully be adding an activation video.

stay in the office until my post op at 4, where I get my stitches removed (oh… my Love told me this morning that skin is growing over my stitches… wonder if I should be worried about this or the pain it will cause tomorrow). I have kept it nice and clean, and I will also be able to get a copy of my x-ray that was done, which I will post on here, showing the implant in my head. The interpreter (or maybe a different one, not sure) will be with me for that one as well, I’m curious as to if I will actually have the implant on during the post op or not, I will actually be able to ask him questions, and know his answers tomorrow, I wasn’t able to ask on the day of surgery because… well, I had a really hard time waking up and staying awake for longer than 30 seconds for much too long.

this morning, 12 days after surgery

After that, my Love and I will be heading up north to Westminster, where we will be touring some place that has something to do with kitchens. The idea is that just because we go and tour this place, and kept our appointment, they said we will be getting a free vacation! I am super excited, because we need it. But who knows if that will actually happen or not, but it is worth a shot to go and spend an hour or two with people, that I may or may not have to actually understand for the possibility of having a free vacation. We will see.

After that, I plan on going home… maybe showering (depends on if I feel dirty or not… I will prob want to and actually be able to scratch my head) having some dinner and then sleeping. Its a full day tomorrow, I know I will be very tired. I will also be taking pictures of everything that comes in what has been described as a “suitcase” from Cochlear and my audiologists office. I will hopefully also know when my mapping will be, because I will need to work out a schedule with my work. Oh… did I fail to mention that I will be getting a new coworker within the next month? My co-worker Jake is going off to bigger things, but after 2 years, I just had him trained on communication… Computer techs are some of the hardest people to train… which is weird, because we are very smart… I guess just stuck in our ways. I guess I will see how it all works out.



One thought on “Tomorrows Plan

  1. Good luck with everything tomorrow and hope you have a splendid day! 🙂

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