Parts of the Nucleus 5 Processor

Ok, so I haven’t actually gotten activated yet, but I did want to clear up some confusion on what all is involved with the Processor. I am so very happy that I have insurance, because otherwise, the processor itself, not any other accessories that are required to use it (like batteries) and not even thinking about the surgery to put the internal component into my head would put me into extremely deep debt.

Ok. So lets start with why I had to have surgery, what actually went inside my head.

This is the CI24RE, also known as the Freedom Implant.

This is what will actually stimulate my auditory nerve, there is a magnet in there, so I can’t have any MRI’s unless it is removed.

Then the external processor and accessories.

The following pictures will have the retail price from Cochlear, as of today. I’m not sure if prices would go up or down, but this is what they would cost if you were to buy them outright.

The processor itself.

this is only the Processing Unit, it does not include batteries, coil, coil cable or magnet.

Then there is the coil and the coil cable, as well as the magnet that attaches the coil to the internal piece. The coil cable attaches the coil to the processor. For people who aren’t able to have the internal magnet, normally due to needing MRI’s on a semi-regular basis, there are retainer disks that you would stick on your head and then stick the coil magnet to.

this is what actually transmits the “sound” from the processor to the internal implant.


the cable from the processor to the coil











there are different strengths. From what I understand, there is up to a 6.

if someone can’t have the internal magnet in











There are different options for batteries as well. I know I am getting 2 Standard rechargeables and a compact rechargeable. The standard rechargeable’s should be able to give up to 2 days per charge. The compact rechargeable are smaller, but only give aprox 18 hours of charge.

gives up to 2 days per charge.

up to 18 hours











there is also the option for standard disposable batteries. This requires the battery holder as well as a tamper resistant battery cover, and 2 disposable 675 batteries. Cochlear recommends the power one batteries, not sure why, but they are the only batteries that cochlear will sell. If ordering from Cochlear you can order from a single pack of 6 for $4.75 to 50 packs of 6 (300 batteries) for $190.

covers the disposable battery holder

holds the batteries











The charger for the rechargeable batteries looks like this

charges the rechargeable batteries.

There is also a remote and remote charger, and a protective case for the remote.

Other things for the processor, such as an “every day case” in which you put the processor to store it when you are out and about or at home when you aren’t using it. Theres a drying case, audio cables (to connect the processor directly to an mp3 player, cell phone, sometimes even a TV). The other products, and the ones that I have described above available for the N5 processor are shown in a slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope that helps clear up some of the questions about what each piece does. not all the pieces are required to use the processor, but I hope you now understand why if I didn’t have insurance I couldn’t have gotten my implant. When I get my “suitcase”  on Tuesday, I will take pictures of what is in my Kit. I have been told that each kit may be a little different, depending on your implant center and your audiologist as well as your personal needs.



6 thoughts on “Parts of the Nucleus 5 Processor

  1. My daughter wears this unit (implanted when she was 6 in 1998), and I may be able to clear up a question for you. The reason Cochlear only recommends the Power One disposable batteries is due to the amperage requirements of the unit. All 675 batteries will have the proper voltage, but if the power requirements of your particular unit (and they are set differently for different individuals) are high enough, other 675 batteries may not be sufficient to handle the load – kind of like a small car battery trying to start a truck.

    My daughter has a particularly high power requirement, and Power Ones or rechargeables are the only ones that work for her. You can try other 675 batteries, and IF they work for you then good, because they are probably a bit cheaper. The Power Ones are pretty much guaranteed to work though.

    I wish you the very best with you new unit. It takes about a year to fully learn how to “hear” with it (you’ll hear sounds, but won’t know what they are until someone helps you identify each different type of sound you encounter) and my daughter needed several years of speech therapy afterwards, but she is an average teen now, who loves playing the piano, listening to music, talking with her friends on the phone and salsa dancing. People she meets these days have no idea she is deaf unless she tells them.

  2. Need some coil magnets #3 black how can i buy them?

  3. I would like to buy one cochlear nucleus N5 processing unit brown color . what’s your latest price.
    Riyad Aldarawish

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