Crime so close to home

in the past week I believe, there have been two shootings (that I know of) so close to my home. The first one didn’t make headlines, it didn’t make news, but it affected me and my community. The shooting happened very close to my church, and the victim of the shooting actually came into my church for help on Sunday Morning.

It was a frightening scene to see police tape around a church.

Candles during warship for victims of Crime

Just because this did not make national headline news, happened in a “shady” part of Denver, does it make it any less sad? No. I am thankful the young man who was shot survived, and I worry for the heart of the man who shot him.

Today, very early this morning, in another part of town, at a movie theater I have attended many times (It is one of the only ones near me that offers captioning), a PhD Candidate named James Holmes opened fire, killing 12 and injuring many more. (you can read one story here)

I try to think about what was going through his mind, what would make it ok for him to think he can do such a thing, and honestly, I am at a loss for words. I studied sociology as well as Criminology and Criminal Justice in college, and yet, I can not wrap my mind around the horrific tragedies that have occurred. What is our world coming to? How does anyone think it is perfectly fine to open fire on another human being who is not threatening them in any way?

the gun man. A PhD Candiate

I am not anti-gun, I do support the second amendment, or the right to bear arms, but sometimes I seriously wonder if a psychological examination should be required before someone purchases a weapon. I know there are other ways to get guns and other weapons, but I seriously wonder about the health of our world with all the violence going on today.

These two incidents, in such a short time span, they scare me. I am not denying it, I am scared. If a person can’t even go to the movies without fear of being shot and murdered, what are we to do? How can someone who was a PhD candidate do such a thing, and then, booby trap his home, and apartment complex designated purely for University of Colorado Medical Center (aka doctors in training) and their families to live, possibly intending to blow up that entire location? Is this man going to claim the insanity defense? is he insane? should that be cause for him to get off with a lighter sentence? So many thoughts running through my head right now… I don’t know where to start, or where to end.

I need to go home and cuddle with my love tonight, knowing that as long as we are in each others arms… everything in our little world is right.

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3 thoughts on “Crime so close to home

  1. I’ve heard about both these stories! I had no idea it was so close to home for you. I’m glad you are safe. I too wondered how anyone could possibly decide to go shoot people. Maybe there needs to be a system in place…somewhere that people can go to when they’re feeling desperate, instead of turning to a gun.

    • I didn’t think that many people heard about the first one, it didn’t make headline news or anything… I’m happy to be safe as well, the world is turning into a scary place.

  2. Hugs. For Betty, there is a system, there’s actually hundreds of them. You probably know most of them.

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