One week out.

Ok, so I am one week out from surgery today, and 6 days until it gets turned on. I have been at work 2 days since surgery, and have today off. It seems much longer than a week, or technically just a little under by a few hours, since I got out of surgery. I feel better than a week, better then I expected… but there are still times when I remember, when I am forced to remember, its only been a week. I think in the past week, my head really has made some progress…

24 hours (right after I removed the bandages) on the left, and 1 week (today) on the right.

it is much less red, and much less inflamed. Although my head is still very bruised. I had been wondering what the yellow was on my head, thinking it had something to do with iodine, but now I realize, it is actually a bruise.

In this last week, what have I learned?

1. when I am stressed or healing, or looking toward something (with anticipation), I apparently talk in my sleep. The last two nights I have been saying strings of curse words at night, my poor love thinks that its towards her.

2. I don’t sleep very well when I can’t toss and turn. I really would love to be able to sleep on my right side, but I can’t. it hurts to do so. I normally turn over a few times in the night, and only being able to turn onto the left side doesn’t lead towards good sleeping, or a neck that doesn’t hurt.

3. I am so thankful that I have the email of people at my CI office. It seems every day I have had a question of some sort. Some of it has been freaking out (like my sneezing incident yesterday), some of it has been what is coming in my kit (they still haven’t given me a 100% answer), some of it has been just needing to talk to someone who has dealt with this before.

4. I knew I worry… but I worry more than I expected. I worry about the little things… like thinking that I am going to damage something if I sneeze, or that I won’t have everything that I need for my processor, or the weird bump at the base of my neck, or the yellow tinge to my skin when I didn’t know it was a bruise.

5. I am getting excited… but I also am very scared. I haven’t actually heard things in… quite a while, what is it going to be like? Is it going to be loud? am I going to like it? am I going to understand anyone? How long will it take? My office is still getting me an interpreter for my post op visit, but for the actual activation, the interpreter will be there, but should be taking a step back to see how much I understand. If I don’t understand, or if I freak out (which I am prone to do when I don’t understand) the interpreter will take a step up and help me out. With the actual post op with the surgeon, the interpreter will be my friend thankfully. Even though I will be turned on at that point, I want and need to be able to understand everything. We will also find out if I have to do much auditory rehab (I’m sure I will need to, but maybe hopefully not speech therapy!!).

6. Resting, sleeping is very important after surgery. Even a week later, I still get very tired easily.

Speaking of sleep, I’m going to take a nap I think. Wonderful thing I can do on my day off!


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