Activation… t-8Days

With Activation 8 days away, I am feeling very similar to how I felt a week before surgery… excited, nervous, and a little scared. I’m also still very much healing from surgery, and every minute that passes today has told me that. Why is today different? Well, I went back to work today, I didn’t get to take a nap, and I did as much as I could without pain killers (well, the heavy duty RX ones anyways, Advil is my friend today).
The day started off much earlier than I have been use to for the last few days, I had to wake up my normal time, but instead of taking a shower, I got dressed, put my hair up (so my stitches aren’t being tangles with hair), and made my cleaning solution; that is I took 2 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide and 2 capfuls of water and combined them; and woke my wonderful girlfriend up. She was kind enough to still clean my incision, even though she doesn’t have to be awake for another 3 hours. We cleaned the site, and put my “goop” on it (its a topical antibiotic). It was then time for me to leave for work. I did a “test drive” on both Saturday as well as Sunday, just to be sure that I could handle driving so soon after surgery. I have been told by a few friends, that driving was a bit hard after surgery. I did fine, and this morning, I also did perfectly fine, in rush hour and all.
I got to work, and my coworker and I decided to do a little… experiment. We found where my magnet is in my Head!!!!

Its hard to see… but there is a paperclip hanging from my head

that was the fun bit of the day, finding where the magnet was. My hair didn’t hold up the paperclip anywhere else, so it had to have been the magnet, but we will find out more in 8 days.

I also had a friend stop by today, tell me good luck on activation, how he cried, and that I shouldn’t be as scared as I am. My grandpa also stopped by just to see how I was doing.

With every minute that passed, I have gotten more and more tired, but with only about 20 minutes left before I can head home… I will be fine. I will be fine to go home, and snuggle with my love.

today has been an adventure, although for the most part I have been completely fine, there are still parts of my day that have reminded me… hey you, the one with the hole in your head, that just got drilled… take it easy.


3 thoughts on “Activation… t-8Days

  1. The paper clip made me laugh. Lol! Good luck! Thanks for sharing your journey. You are very brave.

  2. Hope you’re home getting the rest you need! Thanks for cher’ing your story! 🙂

  3. You look so badass with your hair shaved. And you can hold paperclips on your head, that’s a very handy talent. 🙂

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