taking off the bandage

Ok, so I was told 24 hours after I could take the bandage off, I know I can’t wash my head yet, but I can at least take the bandage off.

Stage 1, Right before it came off

My ear was folded in half a bit.

with my hair over my ear

folded ear

I still can’t exactly feel my ear… but my whole head is feeling better with the bandage off… but then I got this shock.

he said not as much hair would be shaved… not as much… this is more than he said… oh my god…

we have to clean it every day, and put stuff on it

all cleaned up… looking better, still in shock over how much hair is gone.

right now I am trying to keep the hair off the stitches, so my hair looks kinda funny. but if it keeps it off the stitches, and hopefully keeps infection down, I will be ok.

how my hair is up

with the removal of the bandage, I do feel better, there isn’t as much pressure, I wish I could actually wash my hair, but I don’t have a cup big enough for that… at least I got some dry shampoo I can use in the time being. thats all for now, thinking I might take a nap… still very very tired.


8 thoughts on “taking off the bandage

  1. Whew, they did shave a lot of your hair off. I told my surgeon if he was going to shave a lot then I want to donate my hair before the surgery. He said, nope, just about half an inch. Now I’m concerned. I really want to get my hair cut to a shorter level if he’s going to be shaving a lot. (It’s really long now) It would upset me if he shaved that much and I didn’t have the opportunity to donate it.

    His office may be getting a call tomorrow. I’m scheduled to see him on Tuesday, but my surgery is on Thursday…I don’t want to have to rush out on Wednesday to get my hair cut.

    OK, so I’m obsessing. I have to say, I’ve been doing that a bit more lately.

    You have a lovely scar. I know from my other surgeries, scars around my ears healed much faster than other places on my body, and faded very fast. You can’t really see mine now, unless you really look for it.

    Take care of yourself and rest! Your body needs to heal.
    I hope you continue to have an easy time of it.
    I’m so happy for you.

    • Yeah he had told me only about am inch around… If i were you to be careful, i might cut it just to be safe. I feel pretty good right now… Just hoping it continues. Eating real food for three first time tonight since the surgery

  2. Oh my goodness… your hair!!!!!!! Hang in there, you are doing well!!

  3. Great looking stitches!

  4. Maybe you can shave the other side to match *wink*. I think you look great for just two days out though!

  5. I was looking at your pics when my son walked by… his reply, “GNARLY!”… he’s 9. I didn’t know they still use that word. lol I like your new hairstyles and how you are so conscious about keeping it clean and infection free! 🙂

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