one week, one day

in one week and one day I will be going to sleep for the last time without something foreign inside my head. Its really interesting to think about… I’m not sure if I will feel different, I’m not sure if I will be able to sleep, walk, move, read captions, anything… all I know, is when I wake up from surgery, not only will an interpreter be there so I can understand what is happening, but there will also be something in my head. I will look something similar to this (I hope I get a copy of my xray)

I will have something inside my head, that although I will have the potential to hear… it won’t happen for another 13 days. So… from today… I have less than 9 days until I have surgery, and less than 21 days until I am turned on and hear… something (maybe)…

i’m not sure what it will be like once its turned on… or how I will feel after the surgery… or if i will be able to understand the weird feelings coming from my head… or if my brain will be able to process it as sound.

I’m headed to bed now… hopefully tomorrow I will be able to update more, I know I will post something on the 3rd, I will have 1 week from the day my friend gets married until my surgery. Oh the nerves are setting in.


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