13 days and counting

My surgery is in less than 2 weeks now… 13 days to be exact. and my brain is not quite sure how I feel about that.

I had my pre-op appt., and I just want to tell you, that appt. took FOREVER. I arrived at 2PM for my pre-op appt., and I had the same interpreter who was there for my last appointment, my final yes appointment. We also got the official letter from my insurance, saying it was approved.

Ok… so preop, what happened…

I showed up at 2:00 PM for my 2:15 appt. I sit down, wait for my interpreter, and the lady that I remember from my last appointment with the CI doctor was there! I also had a pre-admission appointment with the hospital at 3. 2:40 comes around and I still have not seen the doctor. I go up and let the front desk know that the appointment that they scheduled for me was soon, and I still hadn’t seen the doctor. They called down and told me that it wouldn’t be a problem. So at almost 3 I am called back into my doctors room. Where they talk to me about what is going to happen on the day of surgery, what is going to happen when I get wheeled into the surgery room, every thing like that.

The blood test my doctor ordered came back fine, though we are still waiting for one auto-immune test of the inner ear, that should be back soon. Then my wonderful interpreter walked down with me to the other appointment, to be sure that they did have an interpreter for me. We followed the directions on the white slip of paper telling me to go to the pre-admissions center. I felt like a rat in a maze, winding my way from the office to the front desk… following signs, following blue lines, and getting to the front desk, and being told I was in the wrong spot. I was talking, and apparently the people at the desk couldn’t hear me, or couldn’t understand my sometimes non-intelligible speech. My wonderful interpreter just told me to sign to her, and a weight lifted off my shoulders, and let her speak for me after that (and apparently it has been decided… I will need more speech therapy, to get me speaking “properly”).

We were directed to a different area, where I filled out paperwork, where I gave people my insurance card and photo ID, checked my information they had… and was told the interpreter they had ready for me was Video Relay Interpreting (VRI). I like face to face interpreting better… and thankfully, they agreed to let me interpreter stay with me, so I could not only take in the signs from the interpreter but also have the body language of the person talking. They also agreed, after I told them a few times, I do not want VRI for when I’m in for my surgery, they agreed to set up an interpreter though Purple Language.

After they asked my many questions, and many of them over and over again… My interpreter explained that it was because they wanted to be sure I was the right person, they had the right surgery, that sort of thing. My CI office had given me a packet of paper to bring with me to the surgery, just in case (in the rare but not entirely unheard of) senario that the hospital looses my paperwork. I had the uncanny feeling that if I didn’t get at least a copy of those papers, that the lady couldn’t understand my spoken question, or my interpreters explanation of the question, that something bad was going to happen… so i requested a copy.

then i had blood work done, a CBC and a compressive pannel… and finally after 3 hours I was able to head home (or rather to my other errands).

I don’t know if the next 13 days will seem like forever, or if it will seem like a day away… will these 13 days seem longer than the 13 days between surgery and activation… I guess only time (or the lack there of) will tell.


5 thoughts on “13 days and counting

  1. Hello! I hope your surgery went well! Please let us know of how it goes!!!! ❤ Much support to you!

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