So tomorrow is the day that I get the Final yes or no for my CI, we review my CT scan, and I’m really not sure what else happens, except that he makes the final recommendation, they start contacting my insurance, and then, hopefully, I go in for my pre-op appointment 2 weeks from today.  Tomorrow I also the day that I finally get to meet my surgeon, Dr. Kelsall, and ask him the questions that have been floating around in my brain (note to self, remember to bring the gigantic book they gave you that you were *suppose* to be writing down questions in). If anyone is interested… here are some pictures of my wonderful brain!

the side view of my head… I don’t know if it was right or left.

here are my cochleas… they are the grey snail shaped things on near the center. thank a wonderful friend who also blogs for helping me find them!

a new good friend helped me actually find my cochleas, Mog was a wonderful help (I really couldn’t have done it without her!)

another piece of my plan for tomorrow… going and getting impressions for new ear molds. Even though my current HA’s are doing me no good, and my right one (most likely) will soon be going away forever, replaced by a CI… I still use them… they still let me know when someone is talking, by vibrating my ear drum… and tickling me slightly. I don’t remember what my audi told me this was called, but I know he had some fancy name for it that I couldn’t hope to understand by lipreading alone. I’m hoping to get a full shell instead of the crappy ones I have now… that I soon “out grow” (ok… I know they just shrink… and that my ear canal changes shape a bit) but I’m hoping that the full shell will make them last longer than 3 or 4 months (these molds are expensive!). I am also hoping to get either purple or blue, as well as hoping that I can pick them up next Weds when I am off work!

my last bit of for sure planning comes in the form of going to see the Apple store again… I went last week because I was having issues with my computer being slow and the trackpad being ridiculously infuriating.


They thought they had the more pressing issue of my track pad being stupid by replacing it for me, but… alas, it is still infuriating, still randomly (why I took the video)… and I am scared this will mean having to be without my computer for a short time (the shorter the better)… but it may end up being this way (I am thinking it is the logic board that is causing issues, but I will let them decide that).

anyway… that is my plan for the day tomorrow… I will update as soon as I can with my appointment tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Keep my fingers crossed! You really deserve it 🙂

  2. I didn’t have to have a CT scan, but I think that may be because I had an MRI a couple of months ago. My doctor at Duke didn’t realize I’d never had one. But it didn’t show anything wrong. So it’s still Meniere’s.
    I hope your insurance approves yours faster than mine has. I think I’m having a problem because our insurance if from out of state, since my husband’s job is based out of state (he tele-commutes). It’s been 6 weeks and still they haven’t sent the right letter. My doctor wouldn’t schedule the surgery until the insurance does it’s approval.
    I’m lucky, my doctor is my surgeon.
    I hope you like your surgeon, and he answers all of your questions.

    I have a full shell ear piece in my hearing aid, I’ve had it for over a year, with no problems. The other ear, that I can’t wear a hearing aid in now, had a light weight molded shell and it broke twice. Just snapped in two pieces, once when I was cleaning it, the other when I was taking it out. Strange. But I can’t use it any more, so no worries.

    Good luck!

  3. Best of luck 🙂 and I really hope things work out for you and like the pictures!

  4. beautiful brains!! ❤ you!

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