The good the bad and the frustration

Ok… so one of the good things about working for a moderately sized company is the technology that you get to see and play with… one of the frustrating things, they aren’t always the best about accessibility. They are trying now, which is a wonderful thing!

One of the new, good and frustrating pieces of technology is a new phone. Granted we got new phones last year (because our old ones, the number 1 was not functional)… those phones were nice, they talked to each other, shared contacts, shared information… which was helpful. The new phones we have gotten are from what is called Clarity Voice, it is a business Voice Over IP (VOIP) service. It uses my internet connection to use the phone, its a really interesting piece of tech. It utilizes a new router

the router that came with the clarity voice

and also uses a Panasonic VOIP server

it then connects to the phones, which are really nice looking. They have 3 lines that can be used rather than the two our current phones have. They also have some (rather 1) nice feature(s) for someone who can’t hear anything… there is a light at the top of the phone that blinks when there is a call.

now my problem… the good (discussed), the bad and the frustrating… with this new phone system… my phone, the captioned phone that I have to use to talk to my clients, to understand what people are saying, it, at the moment at least… doesn’t work with my phone system. My management is trying to get me something that will make it so it does work (should be here tomorrow) but we aren’t sure if it will really make it work. My phone (CaptionCall) requires an analogue line (meaning a standard phone line). Which this phone system doesn’t have… so right now… this profoundly deaf person, even with hearing aids, is having to try to use a standard phone… which I hear absolutely NOTHING on… hopefully… hopefully the cable that comes in tomorrow will work, because otherwise… I do not have a phone I can use for work… Granted… I would much rather use VRS for work… but that as well comes with logistical issues… that is another post for another time. Maybe after a time my CI will allow me to understand speech well enough that the captioned phone is not 100% necessary… but at the moment, I have no way around it



2 thoughts on “The good the bad and the frustration

    • Its a work phone… So unfortunately that wouldn’t work from what I understand… I need the ability to caption birth outgoing (the easy part) and incoming calls… Preferably more than one line. I’ve used Hamilton cap tel… And its ok… Though I haven’t found anything that keeps up with phone conferences… That will beer three next hurdle.

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