The Magical Powers of Mom

So I am starting to think that my mom has some magical powers. I have been thinking and thinking, and waiting to see when I can get my surgery date scheduled for my CI. I thought I would have to wait for my appointment with my surgeon (On June 15th) to actually schedule the surgery. They told me when I saw the audiologist that it could be 2 weeks to 6 weeks after my appointment for the surgery. Well I had my CT scan today, which just so happens to be in the same building as my CI center. When I informed my amazing mom of this, she decided she wanted to go up and talk to them about the billing stuff for my eval, because she hadn’t seen a bill from them yet. So we went up, mom started talking to the lady at the front desk, one thing led to another, and I have a surgery date!!! Its under two months away… activation is just over 2 months from now. I am amazed!! I am happy that I could (or mommy could) get my surgery scheduled now… because apparently he is pretty booked!

Here is the schedule so far!

June 28th

2:15 Pre-Op with Dr. Kelsall

3:00 Pre-Admission Testing

July 11th

Surgery (aprox at 12:30) I have to be there at least an hour and a half before the surgery

Mommy said she will be here with me during this time!!! and for my recovery.

July 24th (just under 2 weeks from surgery)

1 PM – activation with Allison Biever (Audiologist)

4 PM – Post-Op with Dr. Kelsall

mom talking with the lady from Rocky Mountain Ear Center

So it was a big day… and I think my mom has some sort of magical powers!!! The thing I need to be sure about is that they get me an interpreter for each of these appointments… because even just the little bit of lipreading today… in a medical setting… makes me want to scream…

anyways… here are two pictures of my mommy and I today!!

my amazing mom and I

mommy wasn’t too happy about the next picture… it cut our heads off

another picture of my mommy and me!


2 thoughts on “The Magical Powers of Mom

  1. Thanks for following my blog; now I can follow yours! It looks like you’re one step ahead of me in the journey to getting a CI. I was wondering, was there one major thing about the CI that helped you make your decision to go ahead with surgery? Although I have been having my tests and things at the hospital, and my CT scan is coming up, I’m still not entirely sure I want a CI. So maybe if you could shed light on how you made your decision, it might inspire me! (and others who read your blog). I read all your entries, you seem like a really cool person, and I look forward to reading more about your journey!

    • What helped me make my decision is that it will be easier for my work right now. I work with all hearing people… My work largely consists of speaking and lipreading… So my hope is that things will get a little easier.
      Also I remember and miss music… I love feeling the vibrations of music… But it isn’t quite the same. I also know that although there are risks… I am a grown adult and can make this decision on my own… Weighing the costs and the benefits. This was (and still is) going to be the topic of my next blog. So stick around. 😉

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