Leaping forward

used to be my enemy… now its just annoying

To a person with normal balance, the above picture of mud is just that… mud. Its dirty, it gets on your shoes… and its a little slippery… but to a person like me, one with balance issues… ones with vertigo… the above picture would result in a VERY bad day… especially when, like this morning, I was an hour and a half away from home, an hour and a half away from a shower and clean clothes… when I slipped this morning, my first thought was “oh crud… what am I going to do?” (this is the PC clean version)… but what happend in the blink of an eye showed me something… although I was discharged from balance therapy a week ago… and mentally I was more than ready, I hadn’t thought that I was physically ready yet. I still have dizzy spells and vertigo spells every once and a while, I’m still not a fan of the stairs for fear of falling up or down them (that has happend for years) . What happend though? Miraculously… I caught myself from falling!!! I was a bit slippery, I was a bit off balance, but I did not fall and result in the following…

this was not me!

for me, this was a huge leap forward… I can actually learn to trust myself, trust my inner ear to keep me balanced and no longer end up as a big muddy mess when I encounter mud! It may seem little to some people… but to me, it was a huge step.

On other news… I am going to Swedish Medical Center tomorrow for my CT scan, my mom will be with me! (Yes that is right… did I forget to mention that my wonderful mom is visiting from California??) I also have an appointment with the Surgeon set! June 15th! They were wonderful and got me in sooner than they had expected, and set a special appointment with me. If I hadn’t taken that… I would have had to wait another 3 weeks for this appointment. It took a bit of rearranging my work schedule (though thankfully my work is wonderful and is working with me for this). This means that I may become bionic in early July (though this all depends on his busy schedule)!!!

not with the eye… but with the ear… same difference right? I listen with my eyes anyways.

I never thought I would be this excited for it… but I am… my tinnitus is getting worse… and it will be exciting to hear something other than that (as long as it doesn’t make it worse).

All for now… need to get back to work.


2 thoughts on “Leaping forward

  1. I wish you all the best with your CI journey 🙂

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