New Videophone!

Ok, so yesterday I had a Sorenson nTouch Videophone installed. I have some pros to it and some cons… but lets go through what it actually is.

It is a physical videophone that attaches to a TV.

This is the box it comes in (with a *in my case at least* nice Deaf man to install it)

the nTouch Box

it has a webcam with a flasher on it

this is the camera, the dots around the camera are leds for a flasher to tell you when the phone is ringing

The webcam moves back and forth a little, you can zoom in, and out, to the right, to the left etc

The VP itself is a about the size of a standard modem or router

sorry for the dirty around it… I had to move things around

It connects via an HDMI cable or a standard AVI cable. I had an open HDMI, so that is what I used.

The Pros

  1. good video quality
  2. free
  3. not very big
  4. sign mail (haven’t determined yet if it is only from other deafies or not)

the cons

  1. requires an ethernet connection (I had to move my modem so it was closer to my TV)
  2. can only be used at home

This is… without actually using it yet though… so I will update after I actually use it. I also have not tried being able to call people who are not Sorenson customers… but hopefully I will be able to soon.

going to have dinner now… hopefully this helps someone. (remember it is free!!)


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