Discharged! and VP Update

So my first big piece of news… I am officially Discharged from my balance therapy!!!! I am so excited to be able to say this! I started balance therapy shortly after the beginning of the year, after a very horrible experience with a VGN… which is where an evil tech pumps hot air and cold air into your ears… with the ultimate goal of making me as dizzy as possible… then these weird glasses track my eye movement to see how dizzy I am…

Since then, and finding a slight, but inconclusive weakening to my right side I started balance therapy at South Valley Physical Therapy, with a sometimes evil, pushy demanding Therapist named Kenda. I hated for for quite a while… as well as the Proprio Dynamic Balance System machine (pictured below) that made me want to scream every time I got near it.

Kenda Fuller of South Valley Physical Therapy working with a patient (not me) on the Proprio Dynamic Balance System. it twists, it turns, it makes you sick… but eventually… it makes you better

Along my balance therapy journey, I was also in a scary light room… that more than once made me feel like I was going to have a seizure (though I never did). The goal of this room, was to see if you could stay stable, while having no stable way or using your eyes for keeping your balance (something I apparently did way too much).

the light room at South Valley… very dizzy making.

but now!! I am officially done! I am so happy that I am done, but also very happy that I am better. The pain and the feelings of torture, worth it for the feeling I had today, being told I was DONE!! She explained to me the first day… but I didn’t believe her at that time. It would be slow progress… but once I hit the summet… it would just be done… there would be no warning… it would just be done. I didn’t think that would be the case… but it is… it was… I was just… done. The occasional dizzy spell, but nothing like it had been. She said that I may have to come see her once every year or so, if something creeps up… but over all… I am DONE!!!

Now for my other updates. I am suppose to have a Sorenson NTouch VP installed for free today, but it doesn’t look like the guy who is suppose to install it has gotten it yet, hoping for a UPS Delivery today. If you are interested, are Deaf or HoH and use ASL as your main language, and do not already have a Sorenson VP, you can apply online here. I already have Purple, Convo, and ZVRS… but I do not have a physical VP, only on my computer… and sometimes it doesn’t work properly, due to computer errors.

Sorenson’s NTouch VP

The one Issue I am  having, is my internet connection… I need to call Century Link to see why, even though I am paying for 7mb/s connection speed… normally I am only getting something like this…

Speedtest today… at home… not what I am paying for.

but I may be switching to Comcast… if CenturyLink refuses to fix my issues… but we will see. This is not what I am paying for… and I don’t like having to pay so much for something so little… but we will see.

At 2 I have a Voc Rehab appointment with CHSL to, once again… verify that I am deaf… so that hopefully Voc Rehab will pay for my school! I should get ready, start dinner in the crockpot, do some cleaning, then I will be able to get things done… I am getting ready to edit the fast and furious video mail I got yesterday too… but that will be its own blog post.


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