The waiting game

Ok… so its a waiting game. I emailed the woman at rocky mountain ear center Saturday asking about the approval for my ct scan… she got back to me yesterday with the news… we are still waiting. She has to hear from the referal nurse at my insurance (anthem) to see what they say. I find it funny that they have not approved it yet, as we will be paying for it out of pocket… but I guess it is just a waiting game. The earliest that I can have the ct scan now would be next Wednesday… because I have a job, and have only wednesdays for medical stuff. She still didn’t answer my question as to if I had to wait until after my appointment for the ct scan to schedle my appointment with the surgeon or not… maybe (hopefully) she will soon. Hopefully I will find out today or tomorrow if it has been approved, and if I can schedule.

On other news, I am getting a vp installed tomorrow! Not just a vp on my computer, no an actual vp! And it isn’t costing me a dime! I will update this and edit it soon… but I have to get back to work now.


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