Butterflies and knives

There seems to be both butterlies and knives in my stomach right now… I am on my way to get the evaluation for a cochlear implant… and oh boy… I am so nerveous. I could barely sleep last night… but when it came time for me to get up, get out of bed and get ready to go… I didn’t want to do it. Now my appt isn’t for another 35 minutes, or that’s when I have to be there anyways… and the office isn’t more than 15 minutes from my house… but I left the house at 7… when I needed to be there at 745… because I can’t be late. The stress of being late on top of the stress of finding out if I am a candidate for something that will be surgically implanted I’m my head… oh… that would just be way too much. I am very lucky that my partner will be coming with me, she is going to be taking notes, and being there for moral support (which I really seem to need at this point…) and my pastor from church is going to be there too. Thankfully I will also have a currently unknown interpreter showing up… so that I can actually understand what is being said… ok the butterflies and knives are eating my stomach… and possibly slowly killing me.

Getting off now. I will post again after my appointment (and so sorry for any spelling errors… and lack of formatting, I may go back and fix that later… I’m currently posting from my phone.)


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