Answering Questions

ok so I’ve been asked many times, what cant you hear? and i have finally decided to answer those questions. But it will be much easier to answer if I change the question to what can you hear.

Without my hearing aids, and even with my right one… basically nothing…

Theoretically, though I have never rested this, I could hear a jet engine if it was right by my ear… but I have never thought it was safe to try this.

Even though I can’t hear things, I can feel them. I can feel when someone is walking around, I can feel thunder, doors opening, things falling, and even sometimes the cars on the road.

With my hearing aids

I can hear a mush of goo (not literally of course) but that is what it sounds like. I cannot distinguish sounds from one another, I don’t know if what I hear (or even feel) is someone talking, a dog barking, a car on the road.

I can’t tell the difference, sometimes that bothers me, and sometimes it doesn’t… but what has come to bother me the most, the lack of music. I have never been able to hear all of the intricacies of music, but I have been able in the past to at least hear it and know that it is music.

With the recent decline of my hearing (its been getting much worse for the past couple of years, and in the last year, its gone from severe to nil) I miss music, I miss it more than anything. I may be on my way to “better hearing” but I am not going to let that drag me away from my Deaf community, the language that means so much to me, and the acceptance I have recently come to gain. I have an evaluation for a cochlear implant on Wednesday, but I know it will not, and never can make me into a hearing person, and I wouldn’t want it to change me into that.

I’m not saying hearing people are bad people, in fact my family is full of them, I’m also not saying that all Deaf people are good people, because that isn’t the case. I am just trying to say… I am not a hearing person, and I never have been, never will be. No matter how far technology advances, I will still always be deaf, and always be Deaf.

This is whats called the speech banana, it says where different parts of speech are, where different sounds are. the lower on the chart it is, the louder the sound. The farther left it is, the lower the frequency, the farther to the right it is, the higher the frequency.


This is what my audiogram looks like (information intentionally blocked out)


The red pieces are my right ear, the blue are my left. the blue that are higher up is what is called a bone conduction test… it sees how much I can hear bypassing my ear drum and middle ear, what is shown on mine, it shows that I can hear NOTHING. This is classic of what is called Sensorineural Hearing loss. This means that the little hairs in my ear are not working.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions, let me know… I will do the best that I can to answer them.


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